Name : Dharma Keerthi Wijeratne
Address : A.G. Dharma Keerthi Wijeratne Walgum Wawe Lenedora Sri Lanka
Family Background : Dharma Keerthi Wijeratne has three young children. He has a family of five and do not have enough money to give either of his children a good education. Dharma Keerthi Wijeratne doesn't have enough money to give his children at least three meals a day. He is a farmer who works every day trying to make enough money for a living, however, there isn’t a sufficient amount of crops available for the family’s survival. When they have plenty of crops to sell, the merchants who buy the goods, do not pay a reasonable price for them. This results in an insufficient amount of money left, from which they must survive. Dharma Keerthi Wijeratne can’t build their home with a clean floor for the children as they lack in money. We would greatly appreciate it, if you could help them.
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