Name : Lalinda Kumarasiri.
Address : I am Lalinda Kumarasiri Godallawattha of No 18, Rathnayaka Avenue, Palawattha, Battharamulla, Sri Lanka, is a 57 years old patient suffering from Parkinson\'s Disease for about 7 years and farther of two sons.
Family Background : My elder Son is 23 years old final year undergraduate student of National Institute of Business Management (NIBM), the younger son is 16 years old, and he is studying in Ordinary Level class in Asoka Viddiyalaya Colombo.
Education Background : However, I was the only breadwinner of the family and I was Manager Shipping in Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Seeduwa.
Reason : My wife is 50 years old and she was unemployed. Now, all my family is depending on small help of wife’s old parent. Since our all wealth was spent on my disease as well as sons’ education. Now we have to spend about Rs. 200,000/= to the elder son’s education and I am not in the stage to bare that much of amount as well as expenses for medicines my disease. I hereby present you the attached documents to prove and show the real picture of the family and I wittingly request your kind help to carryout the Education of my sons. Thanking you Yours faithfully Lalinda Kumarasiri. Ac No. 106353331242 Ac Name Deepa Priyadarshani Godallawattha Bank Sampath Bank Branch Palawattha
Previous sponsers : None
Account No : Ac No. 106353331242 Name: Deepa Priyadarshani Godallawattha, Sampath Bank, Palawattha
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