Name : Priyanka Shyamali Gunarathne
Address : 49|16. Adarsha niwasa, Mawilmada , Kandy
Family Background : Priyanka Shyamali Gunarathne 0812210118 0812237373
Reason : A married woman with three children, two sons and a daughter. The husband continuously abused both the wife and children before he brought a new woman home and kicked his legal wife and children out of the house. The woman was forced to return to her parent’s home. Soon she experienced a continuous migraine and was admitted to hospital. The doctors diagnosed her with C5 breast cancer, her husband doesn’t taken any responsibility for the children and is not concerned with their welfare. The woman must have injections which require a long recovery time, and hence she has further difficulties looking after her children. The two older boys still go to school and the youngest is only a year old and still drinks her mother’s breast milk as they don’t have money to buy milk. The oldest child is planning on dropping out of school to help look after his siblings. (NSB)1-0081-02-33463 Priyanka Shyamali Gunarathne 0812210118 0812237373
Account No : 1-0081-02-33463 (NSB)
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