Meet Nirwan

Nirwan is 12 years old and lives with his mother and two older brothers in a remote area called Kiriellawatte in Sri Lanka. Nirwan currently attends Sumana Central College in Niwitigala. His father left the family when Nirwan was just a little boy, prompting his mother to take on a job as a laborer in a tea factory. Although his mother works endless hours, her wage is not enough to cover all of her children’s expenses. Nirwan’s brothers are both pursuing their higher education; one is completing his studies at a government university. Nirwan is the youngest in the family and requires more resources than his mother can afford him to help aid him in his learning. 

How Can You Help?

Nirwan’s family is hoping to receive some financial aid to help support his education, visit our Get Involved page and tell us how you want to help!