Meet Tharuma

Tharuma is 13 years old and lives with her family in a remote area called Paragastota in Sri Lanka. She lives with her older brother, father and mother and is the youngest in the family. Tharuma is currently in Grade 8 and attending Diyagama Central College in Kaluthara. Tharuma is a studious student and in the past two years, ranked number one in her class. Her father works as a driver and the entire family depends on his salary for all their expenses. Tharuma’s mother is a housewife and despite their financial hardship, her brother is pursuing his higher studies. While her father earns enough to support her family’s basic needs, Tharuma lacks the support she needs to achieve her best in her studies, unfortunately limiting her potential.

How Can You Help?

Tharuma’s family is hoping to receive some financial aid to help support her education, visit our Get Involved page and tell us how you want to help!